Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wessagussett Beach (Weymouth, MA)

When We Went:

We went to Wessagussett beach in Weymouth, MA in the middle of the week after work in Late July 2005. It was one of those feels like over 100 degree days.


Getting out on the water later in the afternoon on a really hot day is such a special thing. This day was perfect. It had really started to cool off and with a good breeze on the ocean water it was really nice to get out. We started on the east / right side of the beach and went west into the Fore River.

The first interesting thing we came across is the Wessagussett Yacht Club. It is located right next to (and in some ways around) the beach. Boats of different sizes are docked near the club and moored further out around the beach area. We continued down along the shore and soon were approaching the Fore River Bridge. We ended up turning around because the sun was setting (it was a spectacular sunset actually) and we wanted to get back before it was dark. On the way back we went past the east side of the beach to look around the corner of the shoreline and saw Lane Beach where we have put in earlier.

Wessagussett Beach is located in the Fore River Watershed area. Check out their website for some great information on the area.

Put In:

There is a parking area up a small hill to the right of the beach. There is a "no parking" area at the beach. We unloaded our kayaks in the "no parking" area and parked the car in the parking area. No permit was required to park there, and there didn't seem to be any problems finding a spot. We assume this is different during the middle of the day and on weekends. The parking area is actually part of Great Hill Park.

Map and Directions:

Follow Route 3A from Quincy or Hingham. Turn Left from Quincy or Right from Hingham) onto North Street. There is a dependable Dry cleaners in a old converted gas station at this corner. Follow North Street to the end and you will arrive at the right most part of the beach. The boat club is to the left and the parking area is up the hill.

This is a link to the Google Map of the area.


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