Thursday, June 09, 2005

Upper Mystic Lake (Medford MA)

When We Went:

We went to Upper Mystic lake during the summer and fall of 2003.


Upper Mystic Lake is part of the Mystic River Reservation. The Upper lake is for non-powerboats only. There are many houses along one side of the lake. They had nice lawns and made for a interesting view. At the north end of the lake there was a stream / small river that fed the lake. We went up the river as far as we could, likely a few hundred yards, before small trees that had fallen blocked our path. There was a small road overpass and some other interesting turns to navigate.

Also on the north side of the lake there was a nice marina. Likely this could be a second put in area, but we never explored it by car to see if it was open to the public etc. (see put in info below).

The lake was very nice. The water was clear and there were no powerboats or large waves to deal with. The lake was a very good size, large enough to give you a nice workout going from the southern part to the northern part and back.

Put In:

The Mass PAB provides a great list of put-in locations, each with a PDF file that details the area. This is something I just found. It's a great resource! The Put in area for Upper Mystic lake was great. There was ample parking very close to a concrete boat ramp. It was a very easy in and out. There was a building that was operated by the state, but that was closed when we were there.

From their site: "The Public Access Board provides boat and canoe access sites at more than 200 locations on coastal waters, great ponds and rivers throughout Massachusetts."

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