Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lane Beach (Weymouth, MA)

When We Went:

We went to George Lane Beach in Weymouth, MA on a Sunday afternoon just before high tide in the middle of July 2005. It was a relatively calm afternoon


George Lane Beach is located in North Weymouth, MA. Lane beach is also called the 'new' Wessagusset beach. It's actually just to the east of the original / 'old' Wessagusset beach.

We started out heading north to go toward William Web Park. It was a nice paddle, lots of good sized waves to crash over the front and back of the kayaks, lots of interesting sea-front houses to look at, lots of boats passing (mostly further away in the channel / boat lane area between Weymouth and Quincy). After we got to William Web park, (actually close to it, we didn't stop) we headed north out into the channel and went around some of the bigger buoys.

We had a "it's coming right for us" experience with the Hingham ferry, but it actually made a 90 degree turn into the Hingham harbor. The ferries did provide us with some good waves though :). After heading out into the channel and coming back west (now north of the beach) we decided to head back as it was getting towards sunset and we wanted to save venturing across to the Rock Island cove area of Quincy for another trip.

As we were coming back to the beach we found that the combination of the tide coming in and the waves had created a surfing effect. We were really able to get the front of the Kayaks out of the water as we paddled along with the waves. Really fun stuff!! and a great way to end the afternoon.

George Lane Beach is located in the Fore River Watershed area. Check out their website for some great information on the area. You will notice that some of the other places we've reviewed are inside the watershed area. You will also likely some places you'll see add reviews for soon, and a few more places we need to try.


Lane Beach at Sunset

The Picture was taken from the East / Right side of the beach in the short term / no parking area where we load and unload Kayaks.


Lane beach has a great parking area located just across the street. Weymouth residents pay 5 dollars a year for a parking pass, others pay 20. It didn't appear that the parking was enforced after 4 or 5pm when the office near the boat ramp was closed, but we can't be certain. We carried our Kayaks across the road and down the right hand side of the beach. When we came back we got a little smarter and moved the car over to the "short term" / no parting area across the street.

Map and Directions:

Following 3A from Hingham or Quincy turn onto Neck Street (Right from Hingham side, Left from Quincy). Follow Neck St. for a few minutes (under a mile and 1/2) and you will see Lane Beach on the Right and the parking area on the left.

This is a Link to a Google Map of the area



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