Monday, June 20, 2005

Whitmans Pond (Weymouth MA)

When we went:

Late June 2005. It was after work, but we had a hour and 1/2 of daylight to work with. It was a nice clear night and a good sunset. It was hotter earlier in the day, but cooled off nicely.


Whitman pond is located in Weymouth, MA. It is one of our favorite after work locations. We went there a few times last season. It is a big enough lake that there is quite a bit to explore, but close enough to home and accessible enough to make it a no hassle location for going kayaking.

The lake has a few different sections and a large island in the middle to explore. There are lots of different houses along the shore to look at also some undeveloped sections. There is some construction going on over near the route 53 end of the lake, some condos are being built close by.

We ended up not going too far away from the Middle street launching area. We had a 3 new kayakers with us. Each took a turn in one of our Kayaks. It was a very successful first trip for them, and fun for us.

There are some power boats on the lake, but most are respectful and have either steered clear of where we were or slowed down so that their wake was not an issue. We've seen other kayakers and people canoeing on the lake. Typically there are always a few people fishing from the shore (normally at the park, but at the opposite end from the the boat ramp area) and a few people fishing from canoes or small power boats.

Put in Location:

There is a nice boat ramp with a good parking area and small park along middle street in Weymouth just north of Lake Shore Drive. The shoreline is not steeply sloped and there is plenty of area to get into the water.

Link to Map:


A picture of the lake from 2002 the put in area is on the north shore of the peninsula in the middle of the picture.


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