Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weymouth Back River (MA)

When We Went:

Middle of June 2005. We had been here before. The previous summer. That first trip was an interesting lesson..... More on that in a bit. Let's review this year.



We went on a Sunday afternoon, night almost. It was still daylight, and we wanted to get in a quick Kayak. After forgetting the paddles at home, running back quick we gave the kayaks a quick workout. Nothing glamorous, just a nice paddle around the Back river area. The tide was coming in which was a good thing, and it was getting dark quickly.

The Weymouth Back River connects Great Esker park (in Weymouth MA) and Bare Cove Park (In Hingham, MA) to the ocean. We launched from Abigail Adams Park in Weymouth. It is a fairly new town park that also serves as the parking lot for a yacht club. Not sure how that works, but regardless a nicely sloped rocky beach is about a 50 foot walk from a nice new parking area. There is a walking path around the park and nice benches and landscaping.

The last time we were there we here we didn't really understand the concept of tides. We went out for the afternoon and so did the tide. After going out toward the ocean (through the boat yard, which is a very interesting place to kayak, nice big boats to look at, not too much wake because everything is going slowly....), we came back to a shoreline that had receded about 50 feet. Needless to say, walking through mud and muck that is 'way' up over you knees is something that makes you observant of the tides next time.

We still haven't made it inland from the 'put in' area, Great Ester Park, but next time, when we have more daylight left it is definitely in our plans.. Just need to make sure to get a tide schedule.

Put in Location:

Access from a few places are possible, but we find Abigail Adams park on 3A is a good spot to put it. As you drive along 3A going East it is across from Lowes, there is a jug handle right after that AppleBees that lets you cross over 3A and enter the park's driveway. If you are coming west it is just after the bridge from Hingham to Weymouth (right after the Dodge Dealer).

Link to Map:


Blogger salemkayaker said...

Sounds like a wonderful place and you two sound like wonderful people. Your parents must be so proud.

11:23 PM  
Blogger jimdoesvoip said...

I later found a tidal chart website that covers from Western CT to Downeast Maine. Here is the link.

11:50 PM  

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